Simple Sale connects you to the largest network of cash buyers in the U.S. Partner investors have many investment strategies to choose from, including fix and flip or buy and hold. Simple Sale is now able to offer cash for a large variety of properties – even those in need of a bit or a whole lot of work – located all over Colorado. You don’t need to fix your home or make any upgrades. Cash-buying investing companies buy houses as is, so you can save time, money, and effort by not having to fix up your house before selling it. This means you won’t need to repaint the walls, fix the squeaky floors or replace appliances.

Are you looking to quickly sell My house fast ( your house without stress and hassle? We are real estate buyers who can buy your home regardless of its condition. Note the amount going into escrow. This will be on the house contract The cash buyer)2. Ask the real-estate investor for proof of closed sales on properties in your local real estate market.

HomeLight is committed to creating a world that is simple, confident, and satisfying. We strive to maintain strict editorial integrity throughout all of our posts. Closing occurs at the specified date without any hitches. Save this search and receive new listings.

With a company that says “we buy houses”, it is highly unlikely that you will receive the highest price for your home. However, it has happened and it depends what we are buying at the time. Mostly, it’s often a trade-off for convenience, personal needs, speed, no repairs, and no-hassle sale. We will help you understand if it’s a good fit for your needs, but ultimately, you must make a choice between selling easily or selling conventionally. Weeks or months may pass from the moment you decide to list the house until the day you sign your closing documents. This is true even if you’re in a hot seller’s market and get quick offers. You’ll have to wait to get your mortgage approved, for a title check, for paperwork to be completed, etc.

If you accept their offer, their in-house home inspector will visit your property to look for material defects. After a home inspection, the company makes a final cash offer. Your property can fetch top dollar if you list it on MLS.

We ask that you come to the closing to sign the documents and turn the keys over. If you have a Boulder home that you would like to sell, we can offer you a fair deal and guarantee you a fast, easy transaction. Payment will be made within seven days. We will offer you a fair and all-cash price for your home. Once you accept, we can meet at the local title agency to complete the deal. We can usually close in 7 days. This is the best choice for those who don’t like to wait.