I’ll notice a house for sale listed on the Multiple Listing Service where the status changed from Active (which means it is under contract) to Pending (which means that the buyer has signed a contract). Then somebody will come to me with a proposal to promote me their contract for the house. Most buyers use bank financing when

We help homeowners who feel trapped, burdened or trapped. We’ll manage all the details to help you sell stress-free. Before you sign a contract, you can learn more about our company, your selling options, and what services we can provide. We are interested primarily in buying your house. Get a fair and reasonable cash offer today. You may close at any time that is convenient to you. Contact us now to receive an offer for your house within the next 24 hours.

But there is also a process to follow for the paperwork. Seth Buys Houses can help you navigate this process. When buying a property we need to know its condition. You can get a rough impression by using photos, but it is best to visit the place in person. You can text me if you like when we meet up or talk on the telephone.

Some of the questions we receive most often are related to timelines for buying, offers that are legitimate, if our system is really simple and if it’s an agent. Our team is transparent at every step to ensure you understand your options as a buyer. we buy houses; https://github.com/TacticalInvest, are a real estate investing team with a lot of experience who are willing to buy your property for cash.

The process can be a significant hassle, but all the above are bypassed when selling your home to one of our Colorado real estate investors. Things can drag out even more if there are contingencies to the loan, such as home inspections or even the sale of the buyer’s current home. Cash offers are fast, require less paper work, and have no fees.