No real estate agent fees are included in our offers, so you don’t need to worry. Boulder Home Buyers buys houses “as is” and will not require any repairs. Need for repairs or cleaning.

Cash for Houses is the fastest selling method. You can list your home on the MLS to request instant cash offers from cash companies in Colorado. Local real estate investors and cash buyer companies are present on the MLS looking for properties. Don’t be fooled, there are plenty amazing Real estate brokers in Colorado Springs that will help you quickly sell your house. They are even referred to me if they think it’s your best bet for selling your home quickly and at a good price. But there are circumstances that prevent a 30 day closure.

When an investor purchases a home quickly with cash, he will not pay retail value. The investor will either flip the property or rent it. If they wanted the retail value of the house, they would buy it from the MLS. There they can get a loan and an inspection.

All cash buyers use the MLS when researching and buying properties. This includes iBuyers like Opendoor and major franchises like We Buy Ugly Houses. You want your property to sell my house fast (visit my web page) as quickly as possible but at a maximum price.