Bongs may look like a modern smoking accessory but they have been around since centuries. History tells me that smoking dry herb using bongs was first introduced in the 16th century. The practice has since spread to all parts of the world. Glass bongs offer better performance, customization and design than plastic bottles. These bottles are also better for your health, as they do not contain any harmful chemicals. The Greenhut is an online headshop owned and operated by Kiwis. All products are shipped from a warehouse in New Zealand, where the inventory is under a strict quality control protocol.

What makes a flower bong great doesn’t make a dab rig great. When smoking dry herb, the bigger the water pipe and more percolation the better. Contrast this weed vape with bong attachment ( dab rigs. Yes, water filtration matters, but too many filters reduce the flavor of the high and the overall high. The oil will taste worse if your dab-rig is too big. With our SMOKEA® Rewards program you can start earning points toward a free glass pipe. It’s one of the best rewards programs in the industry and a great deal on all your cigarette accessories!

A gorgeously silver-fumed double-bubble base creates a gnarly color-changing blue-toned look. This tube, unlike all other Trident Glass tubes, includes a classic open ended downstem. Large Chamber, Large Hits: This bong features a wide 50mm tube that is capable of holding a large amount of smoke. This genie bong, made by HVY Glass, will grant your every wish. Featuring a vibrant analogous color scheme, granting soothing and undramatic vibes.

Bongs are made from bamboo, a unique eco-friendly alternative for traditional glass and ceramic bongs. Bamboo is a natural and sustainable resource, making these bongs a more environmentally-conscious choice. Bamboo bongs often have a hand-crafted feel, giving them an artisanal and unique look. They can range in size and design, from small and simple to large and ornate.